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Contact us @ Multiregion Upgrades - Multiregion DVD Upgrades for Pioneer, panasonic, Sony, marantz, and many more machines from
Online contact details

To offer you the best possible service and keep our prices low (remember we don`t charge extra for standard UK shipping!), we only accept orders placed via our website. Fear not, as all the important bits, including customer details and your payment details, are fully secure and hosted on a industry standard SSL secure server. Even our payment gateway is fully integrated with real time card processing, so if theres any problems with your payment, you`ll know there and then! You can even send us payment via cheque if you prefer.

Not forgetting over 11 years experiance of dvd modification, we hope to welcome you as one of our many valued customer very soon! No other online retailer of modifications offers as much experiance, as much choice, or positive customer feedback (both customer, trade and past magazine features) as we do! If you have any problems, or enquires, please don`t hesitate to contact us. Please remember, if you choose a DIY option, then you perform this at your own risk! We are unable to accept responsability in any way for a modification which you perform yourself. If in doubt, contact us first, or use our fitting service.

Please remember, our products are AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE ONLINE ONLY.

Please remember to include your order number if enquiring about an order or requesting support

By E-mail

  • Sales Enquiries
    For any pre-sales enquiries / product availability / model compatability questions, shipping questions, or general questions.
    If in doubt, just ask us - we are here to help!
    If enquiring about an order already placed, please include your order number!

  • Technical Support
    For questions regarding our upgrades. If you are having problems with one of our modification kits, please remember to include your order number wth your enquiry.

  • Trade
    For Bulk Discounts and enquires regarding our unlimited use modifications for trade customers, or trade (unlimited use) products.

By Post

  • Postal Address
    The address to retrun our rental service kits, or if using the payment via cheque option for an internet order (made payable to "Multiregion Upgrades"). Please remember that our products are only available to purchase / rent via this website. Thanks! - Multiregion Upgrades, 22 Coronation St, Wakefield, West Yorks, WF2 0HT, UK.

Open hours
  • Mon-Fri 9-5
    We will usually respond to any enquires any day and time of the week, but please be aware our advertised contact period is during standard working hours. These being Monday to Friday, 9-5pm.
    If you have a question, just ask us - we are here to help!

    Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

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