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About our Upgrades @ Multiregion Upgrades - Multiregion DVD Upgrades for Pioneer, panasonic, Sony, marantz, and many more machines from
Information about our upgrade services.

When you browse our website looking for your modification, you will see on the summary table two different options for the modifications we offer:

This option is for you to buy (or rent) the modification hardware to perform the upgrade in your own home, without having to send your player to us. These modifications are usually very easy to perform (NOT CHIP KITS, SEE BELOW), usually only needing a single button press of a specially programmed device that will then send all the commands to your player needed. Some kits are supplied on a rental only basis - that means that you must return to us once your player is modified. Click the model number for the unit you own on the summary page to read more details about the exact type of upgrade for your machine.

Choose this method if you wish to have your machine professionally modified and tested in our workshop. We Recommend this method for any modification that is shown as using a CHIP for modification. We especially recommend this option if you own a BLU-RAY model as these modifications are very difficult and require special SMT soldering equipment, and experiance which we have (over 20 years of SMT soldering experiance).

If you choose to use the fitted service, simply order the service for your player online from the "info" button next to the fitted price on the main summary page. You must then pack your player well (preferably in its original packing) and then send it to our postal address along with a copy of your order form INCLUDING YOUR ORDER NUMBER, and payment if not made online. We will then initally test your unit, and if it is in full working order, perform the modification, test, and then repack and return the player via insured courier. We will NOT accept machines that have a fault, we only modify machines that are in full working order!
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