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DIY Kit information - Multiregion DVD Upgrades for Pioneer, panasonic, Sony, marantz, and many more machines from
Here you`ll find information about the various trade and dealer solutions we offer.

Panasonic Modification pack - Unlimited use

Panasonic Modification pack - Unlimited useFull Modification pack for most Panasonic models
With this unlimited use modification pack you get everything you need to modify just about every Panasonic machine ever released! Includes service discs 1 and 2, a "Oneshot" service remote, and firmware discs for the SCHT100/300/DRMHS2/DRM30E. Also supports other "clones" of Panasonic, including various Technics, Denon and Yamaha models. Full easy to follow printed instuctions are supplied. These are UNLIMITED use modifications, so you can modify as many machines as you want!

Supported Models

  • All Panasonic models as shown on our website!

    Should you have any technical questions regarding this modification kit, please don`t hesitate to contact us. Discounts are available for multiple kits ordered, please ask before purchase!

    PANASONIC FULL MOD PACK PRICE : 200.00 (Free Delivery)

    How many would you like?    
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