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DIY Kit information - Multiregion DVD Upgrades for Pioneer, panasonic, Sony, marantz, and many more machines from
Here you`ll find information about the various trade and dealer solutions we offer.

Panasonic Modification pack - Unlimited use

Panasonic Service Disc TS15 (disc 1) - Unlimited usePanasonic Service Disc TS15 (disc 1) - Unlimited use
With this unlimited use service disc, you can modify your customers dvd players, recorders, and systems. Very simple to use, just play the disc then press a few button presses on the machines remote to enable multiregion. Macrovision disable is available on most supported models also. Supports early generation panasonic models up to RVx1 range (i.e DVDRV30). Full easy to follow printed instuctions are supplied. These are UNLIMITED use modifications, so you can modify as many machines as you want!

NB: Our discs are genuine TS15 service discs. Beware of cheap imitations supplied on "General use" (Video/Data) DVD-R discs which do not work. Genuine TS15 discs are mastered & supplied by us to the trade on copy protected "DVD-R Authoring" discs only!

NB. This modification is suitable for use with any Panasonic model from any region. Please be aware, however, that some models are not PAL compatible (they are NTSC only). You can check if your player supports PAL by checking the user manual, or burn a PAL test disc by following the instuctions HERE. If your unit is not PAL compatible, you can still modify it, but it will be unable to read any PAL R2 / R4 discs. Please bear this in mind when ordering your upgrade kit, as we are unable to offer refunds for incorrectly ordered upgrades!

Supported Models

  • Panasonic DVD-RV30
  • Panasonic DVD-RV40
  • Panasonic DVD-RV60
  • Panasonic SC-HT80
  • Panasonic DVD-A160
  • Panasonic DVD-A360
  • Panasonic DVD-A110
  • Panasonic DVD-A310
  • Panasonic DVD-A150
  • Panasonic DVD-A350
  • Panasonic DVD-LV55
  • Panasonic DVD-PV55
  • And other Panasonic models on our website from the same era (1997-2000).

    Should you have any technical questions regarding this modification kit, please don`t hesitate to contact us. Discounts are available for multiple kits ordered, please ask before purchase!

    PANASONIC TS15 SERVICE DISC 1 PRICE : 50.00 (Free Delivery)

    How many would you like?    
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